Almost half of Americans claim they own cryptocurrency

Is cryptocurrency some weird underground scheme? Or is it entirely mainstream? A new survey offers bracing results.

Almost half of Americans claim they own cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is like a slimy green snake, hissing in a zoo. You're fascinated by it, but you're not sure you want to touch it. That was, at least, my impression until I was confronted by a new survey that offered some mind-stroking conclusions.

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1,004 representative Americans were asked several searching questions about crypto. I found myself searching for a large wine glass after I'd read their answers.

You see, 45.8% of these Americans claim they already owned cryptocurrencies.

Can this possibly be? Can crypto now be as usual, normal, and popular as The Voice? Why, 46.8% of Americans voted for Donald Trump. Can crypto be almost as popular as the great populist?

What was in the souls of these particularly forward-thinking beings? Well, 95% of these claimed crypto owners said they were quite happy with it being a genuine form of currency. 31.7% said it's a legitimate alternative to cash. A more wary 40% still favored the Benjamins. It's not clear whether any of them still believe in American Express, or even ever did.

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