Warning: New Crypto Malware ElectroRAT

Warning: Cross-Platform ElectroRAT is a malicious program that aims to harm cryptocurrency users.

Warning: New Crypto Malware ElectroRAT

Cyber ​​security researchers today uncovered widespread fraud aimed at infecting the devices of cryptocurrency users, for which preparations began as early as last year and Trojan-infected malware was distributed on the Internet.

As Intezer called the virus called "ElectroRAT" is written in the Google programming language (Golang) and is designed for many operating systems such as Windows, Linux and macOS.

Malware is designed using an open source desktop application framework.

"ElectroRAT is the latest example of an attacker using Golang to create a multi-pronged malware and block antivirus engines," the researchers said.
It was first confirmed in December that it received more than 6,500 victims, according to the number of unique visitors to the Pastebin pages.

In Operation ElectroRAT, attackers created three different infectious programs - Windows, Linux, Mac versions Two of them are cryptocurrency trading management programs called "Jamm" and "eTrade"
And the third app, DaoPoker, was introduced as a cryptocurrency poker platform.

Users who have been victims of this campaign are urged to kill the process, reboot the systems, delete the malware, as well as all related files, transfer the funds to a new wallet, and change their passwords.
Who is behind this attack is not yet known, but it is known that hackers have used various forums to spread viruses and rogue programs. As well as social networks and torrent sites