Russia is a victim of cyber attacks

Cyber-attacks on Russia will start in June 2020, and from November Russia will start deploying Russian databases in various Internet spaces.

Russia is a victim of cyber attacks

On November 13, an English-language forum reported on a database leak, allegedly by the Russian Interior Ministry's Directorate-General for Migration (, which reported 41 million personal data.

 Various Russian databases that were allegedly hacked as a result of a cyber attack are still being posted on closed forums.

 It also turns out that the data was still leaking from 2017-2011. The photos also clearly show that in 2020 the leaked databases contain 23 million data (, and the second leaked database contains 35 million data (

It should be noted that in 2006-2019 in Moscow and the Moscow region of the car registration activities, which were freely distributed on several Russian-language forums contained false information, and there was not actually a Russian database.