Information technologies and Security of personal information

Recommendations to help you secure your personal information data

Information technologies and Security of personal information

What is personal information, what role does it play in the digital world and why should we not disclose our personal data on the Internet?!

 - One of the driving forces of the Internet age has become personal information, the daily activities of society beyond the Internet without their permission or in the worst case without permission, in all the sectors that care about the security and non-disclosure of citizens' personal information.

 Personal information is all the data that can be used to identify a person, such as: name, surname, personal number, contact number, e-mail address, bank account, residential address and social network account, but based on all the above information, the most important personal identification The security of the number and all the elements that allow the identification of an individual.

 In the age of technology and the digital age, the leading role in the life of a much larger part of society is to browse social networks daily and keep up with the latest news. Where a third party appears suddenly or definitively and personal information is leaked unnoticed by a third party on the Internet, the recent topic is the violation of user rules by the social network and transfer to a third party for various purposes, due to which most social networks have been sanctioned by various institutions.


When downloading a social networking app to your device or accessing a website and filling out a form, pay attention to the terms of the policy, the privacy policy and usage, carefully consider the level of access the network requires to your information, where you will be informed of the terms.

○ Do not use a social network that does not have an SSL Certificate - which means the transfer of information through a secure channel between you and the provider, which is governed by the World Standards Protocol.

. Do not post information on the Internet that may be used against you in the future or harm others.