Networks (Part Two)

If we combine local and global network we get VPN - Virtual Private Network

Networks (Part Two)

I will start the second part by saying that the Internet we use is the largest network or network of networks, I wrote in the previous article that network types are global, local and regional - and their combination creates a multilevel hierarchy .

And if we combine the local and global network we get Vipen VPN - Virtual Private Network or Virtual Private Network, which is obtained by merging two or more territorially separate local networks with the help of universally available global network channels. (What is the purpose of VPN, what is it used for and what do we need, I will write about this Tatia separately)

Networks should also be aware that they fall into two categories - wired and wireless data transmission

Cable - copper, coaxial cable, helical pair, fiber optic
Wireless - with radio frequencies and infrared transmission of information

In terms of the distribution of roles between computers, there are single-tier and client-server networks

Single-level networks - all computers are equal, ie all computers have equal privileges, each of them can play the role of a server or provide files and hardware resources to other computers, as well as the role of a client who uses the resources of other computers.